Bee TrU is 501 (C)(3) that has been in existence since October 2013 educating Memphis, Tn and surrounding communities about Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence. This organization work effortlessly to enlighten and build facets that support victims of this "silent killer" that is damaging our communities. Bee TrU founded by a survivor of D.V. (a social worker, mother, & more) is comprised of family and friends who give back to the communities by educating for FREE. The educational tools consist of identifying signs of abuse and much more. 

Bee TrU's Vision…

In order to overcome socioeconomic obstacles to facilitate opportunities for growth.

To achieve this Bee TrU is  dedicated to meeting people needs with advocacy, education, and support.

The Start of Bee TrU

The founder of Bee TrU is a survivor of intimate partner violence (IPV) who utilize her family as her support system that did not judge but assisted her during an unhealthy period of her life. It was when Sherry was informed of a friend’s death related to domestic violence on October 31, 2013 that she decided to BREAK THE SILENCE associated with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and started using her story to educate others. The plan that  Bee TrU devised consisted of focusing on both Men and Women who are victims, to educate communities (using an educational model/visual tools), and rehabbing homes in Tennessee to create transitional housing for victims. The programs are supported by various  supporters who make generous donations. 

Bee TrU at its Best

This organization provide the story of the founder’s life as a victim of domestic violence. The founder’s family (support system) share their version of how they assisted the survivor with leaving an unhealthy relationships to entering a life of peace and happiness, at her leisure. This approach has been effective during sessions hosted by Bee TrU with an outcome of the participants engaging during the interactive session and leaving  recognizing the signs of ABUSE.