Bee TrU Transitional Housing Program... The Bee Hive (BTTHP)

 Program Description

The Bee Hive is a short-term transitional housing placement program providing temporary housing for victims of domestic violence/intimate partner violence.  Participants must be 18 years of age or older and currently in a shelter or in an unsafe environment. Those occupying the space must adhere to the property rules and understand that the property will be under surveillance at 24 hours 7 days a week. The goal of the program is to provide a safe living environment so that the victims and their family can practice the skills necessary to live on their own upon leaving the Bee HiveThe program provides supervised transitional housing and supportive services based on the family Healthier Independent Living Plan (HILP). The HILP is developed by the victim and his or her children with the founder of Bee TrU or a designated representative of Bee TrU. The initial plan focuses on up to 6 goals that can be accomplished within 3 months by the victim and objectives for the children to achieve while working toward being self-sufficient and learning how to reenter into the community living a healthier life.  


Program Requirements


Participant Eligibility:

House #1, female 18 years of age and up, documentation from a verifiable community agency to show the need of housing, consistent income (TANF (in conjunction with other income), Stable employment, Social security benefits, etc.)


House #2 (not available), male 18 years of age and up, documentation from a verifiable community agency to show the need of housing, consistent income (TANF (in conjunction with other income), Stable employment, Social security benefits, etc.)

With child/ren: children of school age must be enrolled in an educational setting at least Monday- Friday. Infants and toddlers should be enrolled into a daycare or have a reliable babysitter/caregiver. All children must be current with vaccinations or proper documentation must be provided stating the reason that vaccinations are not current.

Kings & Queens (participants) must be willing to:

  • Complete a housing application every 3 month and/or as scheduled. That includes...

    • Reviewing previously established goals, adding new goals that includes seeking permanent placement (within 3 months)


  • Following the Bee Hive rules, that are not limited to...

    • No smoking or drug use on the premise

    • No violent behavior or profanity on the premise

    • No visitors on the premise

    • No pets allowed

    • Abiding by the set curfew

    • No television allowed in bedrooms

    • Adhering to the HILP

    • Cause no damage to the Bee HIV property, if damage to be prepared to pay the repair expenses (property inspection occurs once to twice a month)


  • Adhere to the financial obligations

    • Rental expense paid as agreed, NO LATER than the 5th of each month

    • Utilities to be paid as agreed


  • Housekeeping

    • Trash to be emptied daily (from all rooms)

    • Home sprayed for pest/rodents every other day (M, W, F, Sat)

    • Kitchen cleaned after use (counter tops, refrigerator, storage area, sink cleaned, dishwasher, stove top, floor swept and mopped)

    • Bedroom cleaned daily that includes bed/s made up, clothes and shoes stored in proper location, no property damaged, no food left overnight in the bedroom, floors swept and mopped

    • Bathroom cleaned after use (shower, sink, and toilets). Keep your caddy with you at all time to include... paper towels, toilet tissue, cleaning supplies, toiletry items, etc. Floors swept and mopped


  • Risky behavior, defined: as any issues/concerns that cause others (tenants or neighbors) to feel unsafe or that places the Bee Hive in danger

    • All concerns will be reviewed, if found guilty the tenant and family must move/vacate the property immediately

  • Professional counseling

    • A tenant and their family should consider/must receive counseling

      • Progress must be tracked in family progress notes


  • Food/nutrition

    • Healthy meals are to be prepared and documented daily in the family progress notes

      • Receipts must be kept and filed (for food purchase)

    • Meals are to be prepared at designated time (each family are responsible for cleaning the kitchen after use)

    • Meet with a nutritionist as scheduled (if applicable)


  • The Bee Hive Garden

    • Families in the home must...

      • Fertilize, water, remove weeds, cleaning, pick, store the products, etc.


  • Financial Future/Savings

    • Each month an identified percentage (that’s outlined in the HILP) of income must be saved in an

      • Banking institution

      • Or by Cashier Check or Money Order addressed to the King or Queen (tenant)

Progress must be tracked in family progress notes


  • Employment

    • Seek (if not employed or if not satisfied with current employer) ... at least 3 times a week, must document in family progress note

    • Maintain... if you are employed, you MUST maintain employment to remain at the Bee Hive

 Due to COVID-19, only one family can occupy the space. The monthly rental fee is below

 (*Indicate subject to change)


Must Save                            Your rental fee is                           Your utility fee is…

$20.00                                  $225.00                                        *Contact MLGW


Utilities are split by the amount of families occupying the space. A non-refundable deposit is required for Rent and Utilities when a tenant first occupy the Bee Hive.

Cable and Internet is not included, for those who receive TNAF benefits please contact Comcast and inquire about the free internet service.

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