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HOW I SURVIVED, at the age of 17 I became what I did not want to be, a VICTIM. Months before entering college my (then boyfriend) put a gun to my head. As a teen I thought it was acceptable until I met a Memphis Police Officer who reminded me that I was a "Queen" and should never allow anyone to remove my crown. YET!!! it happened again. Just when I thought things were going well for me, (now a college student) my new abuser took it several steps further and RAPED me. Soon after, I reunited with a past partner and became pregnant. For 8 months I, a professional woman, a queen, a mother of a child who admired me, the youngest sibling of 4 older brothers... hid both a pregnancy and the fact that I was again a VICTIM of Intimate Partner Violence. Months after the birth of the child the abuse continued. The event that my children witnessed the abuse was the day that I KNEW IT WAS TIME TO "GET OUT."  I came to my breaking point. He would not leave, therefore I devised a plan that meant I had to " “TELL my BUSINESS." Some didn't believe me, others ignored me and many said it wasn't their problem. Plan #2... I made people get involved by calling them when I was being abused and recording my abuser in the act. It took several months, I lost friends, but when I met my abuser in court with witnesses, an order of protection was granted. Today the wound has healed yet the memories are still present. The abuse over the years not only affected me but my family (psychologically). It was my friend's death that forced me to publicly share my story. My name is Sherry Bougard, the founder of Bee TrU. My past experiences afford this nonprofit a chance to speak to men and women about being a victim & how to help a victim.

As a survivor, I am her to tell you that no matter what, do NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO REMOVE YOUR CROWN. If U can take a step to stop being a victim (yes, I do understand that it's not that easy) or to help a victim (yes, I know it can be frustrating) again I say... IF YOU CAN, join me as a Survivor and Bee TrU as an advocate. I AM SHERRY. I AM A SURVIVOR.

GONE IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. I am a survivor but my little sister is not. As a child we had what I called the "IDEAL" life. My siblings and I had both parents, and all the things that I thought made us the PERFECT family, but behind CLOSED DOORS my parents FOUGHT. Later my SISTER became a VICTIM & my BROTHER became a PERPETRATOR and VICTIM (learned behavior is not always good). DECEMBER 2016 moved so fast. This is a SPECIAL month for my family and also a month that cause me to feel VARIOUS ways. My sister who made a choice to MOVE ON WITH HER LIFE, ended a relationship with her boyfriend. She wanted to CHANGE but HE did not and wasn't happy with her decision. Thirteen (13) days after my Lil. Sister received her 2nd college degree, her EX BOYfriend used my BEAUTIFUL sister's REGISTERED gun and SHOT HER IN THE HEAD. SHE NEVER SAW IT COMING & about thirty (30) minutes later he used the SAME gun & ENDED HIS LIFE. Trying to prepare my children and I was a hard task... seeing my SISTER with her face RIPPED APART is a memory that will NEVER FADE away.

​Because of what I just shared with you, I consider myself as a "SURVIVING VICTIM." Through my sister DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, changed my life and the lives of my family, forever. I have vowed to use MY VOICE for those that have lost THEIR VOICE, and those WHOSE VOICES have BEEN TAKEN by this SILENT KILLER. I share my sister and I story BECAUSE... I am my sister keeper. I share OUR STORY because I have a GOAL to encourage someone to Speak UP, SpEaK OUT, and GET HELP. I am a new face of a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence. My NAME is DESTINY and I LIVE every day because someone DECIDED to END my sister's LIFE.


Sherry Bougard the visionary behind Bee TrU, a 501 (C)(3) is aiming to make strides towards bringing awareness and helping victims and advocates to BREAK THE SILENCE ASSOCIATED WITH intimate partner violence as we want to MAKE THIS YOUR BUSINESS. Since 9.24.16 Bee TrU has hosted its annual fundraiser that’s dedicated to educating, elevating, and empowering people that will remove shame and offering a way out for a victim. This nonprofit always end with  testimonies of pain to joy. Bee TrU encourage by providing tools that will allow one to live life free from FEAR and become inspired to take a step to live as a survivor. Bee TrU goal is 1. for YOU to remember that you're a King or Queen 2. Never allow anyone to remove your crown 3. NOTE: U cannot be TrU to others until U are TrU to yourself.... Until we meet Bee Productive.


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