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The beehive has been busy working to bring awareness to Memphis and surrounding areas.
                Add this information to your calendar
1. You are invited to an event that will leave you wanting more. Bee TrU will be in Franklin, Tn speaking with other dynamic speakers about Intimate Partner Violence

For more info contact Tammy Walker on Facebook


Bee TrU 2nd Egg Hunt, click the link for details


3. Bee TrU members attended a sexual assault/Domestic Violence prevention workshop.... on 1/29/19
                    We want to make sure that we provide U with updated information when we educate you...
         Book us ToDaY!!!

4.  Are you trying to get fit... contact Willie Tisdale Jr. (on Facebook) for info about working out on the River... it’s Rebuild Your Temple Boot Camp that will get you where you want to be... Oh & it’s FrEE sat & sun 7am - 8am

5. Last... Bee TrU was nominated for an Unsung Hero Award, We did not win.
Congratulations again Bee TrU on your award nomination! In celebration of Parent Leadership Month, we will be spotlighting Bee TrU on our agency website and social media platforms. Be sure to keep an eye out for your photo and a highlight from your nomination. Our website and social media information is:

6. Thanks for attending this event on 3.23.19. Bee TrU earn a community award (presented by Zeta Phi Beta).***

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