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Ongoing outreach Educational programs


  • Bee TrU Educational Fundraiser…. Play “When a Wo&Man’s Fed Up”

    • This is a stage play that focus on a close circle of friends who are unaware of abuse happening right before their eyes. Mr. Tim Sherrod (a local play writer of Memphis, TN) has partnered with Bee TrU Domestic Violence Awareness, Inc. to take the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride that entertain and educate about domestic violence.

    • It’s believed that this event is a financial milestone for Bee TrU to move forward with housing development and secure homes to house victims of domestic violence/intimate partner violence.  


  • Bee TrU Annual Community EGGtravaganza Hunt

    • Bee TrU partners with churches, business, community centers, etc. to provide education about domestic violence/bullying. This is an opportunity for children and families to fellowship in a positive and safe environment. The hosting site provides a facility with both indoor and outdoor space for the event.  Bee TrU provides the activities, food, and supplies for this event.


  • Bee TrU Karaoke at Kristmas with the less fortunate

    • With donations from the community that’s not limited to gift cards for coffee, a small meal, or hats, mittens, scarfs, and some clothes Bee TrU will meet those in need while speaking of memorable moments and fellow shipping