Awareness Workshops

  • Bee TrU Domestic Violence Awareness Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to raise community awareness about domestic violence/intimate partner violence, also known as a “silent killer”.

  • This program educates communities on ways of identifying, preventing, reducing the occurrence of abusive situations and receive necessary support in meeting their needs.

  • Activities are planned to meet the community needs and obtain documentation to identify outcomes. 

  • Bee TrU seminars and workshops includes a teach-back concept and provide tools that could be utilized in day to day life.

  • The project addresses emotional, physical, mental health needs of individuals affected by domestic violence. 

  • This program emphasizes the importance of safety and addresses the needs or concerns which greatly affect the community.

  • Bee TrU establishes relationships with community agencies and organizations for the purpose of providing program and community support.​

Transitional Housing

  • Provides temporary referral-based housing for a victim and family.

  • The family will reside in a fully furnished home.

  • The family will receive support while working through the Unlearn Learned Behavior curriculum that prepares the family for a safe and healthy return to the community with new coping and life skills.

  • Life skills are taught by an assigned life coach with weekly sessions.

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