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Awareness Workshops

Bee TrU is a 501(c )3 designed to raise community awareness about domestic violence/intimate partner violence.

This nonprofit teaches individuals and/or groups how to identify, prevent, and reduce the occurrence of abusive situations by…

o   Focusing on emotional, physical, mental health needs of individuals affected by domestic violence/intimate partner violence/crisis.

o   Providing resources that are geared towards supporting someone facing a crisis.

o   Implementing teach back activities that yield realistic outcomes.

o   In conclusion each participant builds a relationship with Bee TrU, community agencies and organizations for the purpose of gaining community support, a new perspective, and referrals.

Transitional Housing

​Known as the Beehive Community


Provides temporary housing for a victim and family.

o   By referral only.

The family will receive support while working through the “Unlearn Learned Behavior” curriculum that prepares the family for a safe and healthy return to the community with new coping and life skills.

o   Life skills are taught by a certified life coach.

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