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                                Bee TrU Domestic Violence “Educational Awareness” Outreach Program...



The purpose of Bee TrU Domestic Violence Awareness Outreach, Inc. is to spread awareness about domestic violence/intimate partner violence by providing education to communities within the Mid-South and surrounding areas.   Education is provided to communities in the form of workshops and speaking engagements.  Attendees will learn and understand the following:

•Learn about the prevalence of domestic violence among men and women

•Understand how domestic violence/ intimate partner violence affects all races, ethnicity, genders, and economic classes

•Understanding the co-relations of power and control in abusive relationships

•Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence is a common crime (homicide)

•Understanding how children, families, communities are affected

•Learn how to determine facts from myths regarding domestic violence/intimate partner violence

•Learn effective ways of protecting themselves

•Learn verbal and nonverbal cues of intimate partner abuse 

•Learn how to provide support to victims of intimate partner violence

•How to effectively use an interactive model to increase awareness

•Community resources and services available

•Learn how  to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program within the community



Bee TrU Domestic Violence Awareness Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to raise community awareness about domestic violence/intimate partner violence, also known as a “silent killer”. This program educates communities on ways of identifying, preventing, reducing the occurrence of abusive situations and receive necessary support in meeting their needs. Activities are planned to meet the community needs and obtain documentation to identify outcomes.  Bee TrU seminars and workshops includes a teach-back concept and provide tools that could be utilized in day to day life. The project addresses emotional, physical, mental health needs of individuals affected by domestic violence.  This program emphasizes the importance of safety, and addresses the needs or concerns which greatly affect the community. Bee TrU establishes relationships with community agencies and organizations for the purpose of providing program and community support.

We believe that education should be FREE as we are working to meet the goal to stop this “silent killer”. If one is requesting for Bee TrU to speak at an engagement, we request a DONATION (if a site is less than 30 miles from zip code 38105) that will support our transitional housing program. Events greater than a 30-mile radius must be discussed. A speaking engagement will provide a minimum of thirty (30) minutes. If one is seeking a workshop, (2 hours minimum is required) the cost is $150.00, $50.00 deposit due 2-4 weeks before the event, and the balance due 10 days before the scheduled event.  The workshop includes the written material, question and answer session, photo opt, etc. Additional items can be added to the package that’s not limited to popcorn with water, attendance certificate, some vendors. 

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