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It’s time to recognize the real unsung heroes, teachers of Memphis, TN. Bee Tru Awareness
Outreach Inc. and Tim Sherrod, LLC invites you to NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER for
“ABCs” ... Amazing-Beneficial-Contributor to Society/Apple Award honoring the Top educators in
Arkansas, Mississippi, & Tennessee.
To those who love a teacher this is your opportunity to nominate
educators that are Amazing – Beneficial – Contributors to the Society/School System! Winners are
based on quality of nominations NOT quantity of submissions.

Nominations will start December 1, 2019 due to COVID-19 extended to December 29, 2020. 


• The nominee must currently be a teacher grades Pre-K to 12th for at least one year
• A retired teacher can be nominated

 The nominee must have made a positive change in their educational setting and community by
following Bee TrU Awareness Outreach Inc., mission that is to educate, elevate, and empower
students, their families, and co-workers
• Please notify your teacher of the nomination
• If you nominate a teacher, please attend the ceremony to congratulate him/her in person
• The nominee must submit a professional head shot photo (passport size on white background) 5 days
after being contacted by Bee TrU
• The nominee must be able to show their employee ID (proof of employment verification)

The awardees will be informed via email 60 days prior to the scheduled event and announced on Bee TrU
Awareness Outreach, Inc. social media outlets. The gala will occur Saturday, May 8th, 2021 (date changed due to COVID-19), 7:15 p.m. Holiday Inn Hotel (Airport) 2240 Democrat Rd. Memphis, TN 38132.

To nominate your favorite teacher,
Please complete the form below for The ABCs/Apple Top Teachers/Educators Award 2021 


Follow BeeTru on Facebook for updates and additional details.


I am nominating the nominee for the following:

State why you are nominating this teacher/educator

Select an option

The narrative should include what makes or made (retired teacher) the nominee an Amazing Beneficial Contributing Teacher to Society. The essay should highlight the nominee’s community service/community-building skills, strong work ethic, organizational skills, friendliness, listening/communication skills, knowledge and passion for their students. OTHER information can be his or her sense of humor, flexibility, leadership, classroom management, other work experience, and ability to multitask.

Thanks for submitting!

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